Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a photo of a magazine paper about the Brexit on Instagram. He has reacted to Brexit with this statement:

“Lunacy, tragedy. Surely it’s time ? Time to stop this ? The country made a terrible mistake in voting to leave one of the world’s most powerful communities.

You can’t blame anyone for voting that way – there was no information available on which to decide how to vote. But now ? It’s more obvious every day that this was the stupidest thing we ever tried to do. We need to stop. Think. Turn around. Cut our huge losses.

STOP trying to divorce our partners in Europe. But who has the courage to stand up and STOP Brexit ? Cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman ? I’m prayin’ … Bri”

A fan responded:

“Problem is the Government needed to get on the same page and accepted the results. There should be NO remain MP’s now all those who are trying to block Brexit with constituents who voted for it should be tried for treason.

The EU’s attitude has shown why we should leave. Sadly Brain is another millionaire celebrity who doesn’t understand the plight of normal Brits.”

Another fan said:

“Sorry Brian, I have to disagree I voted to leave, living in the North West of England, I saw nothing in the way of progress, Germany have the autoban highways, Amsterdam have places to legally chill, a rule for 1 and another for the other is what is divided this country imo”

See the photo below.