Queen star Brian Harold May shared a new photo on his Instagram page and revealed the happy moments he had with a famous band, Kings Daughterss.

Here is what Brian said:

“Not having fun at all. 😌 Yep – just another day in the office … Them Poor Gals .. sorry – KINGS DAUGHTERSS @kingsdaughterss are here (actually at Roger’s delightful gaff, because we’re recording drums). It’s MAJOR fun – a tonic for me – can’t wait to release this happy song to the world. Bri”

Kings Daugterss said that:

“Just an average boring old day in some bloke called Roger Taylor’s studio with some fella called Brian.

Who are we kidding yesterday was UNBELIEVABLE!! Our talented Vicky played a sick drum track on @rogertaylorofficial kit… like HELLO!! Cheers Rog!!
None of this would of happened if it wasn’t for king B who we just love very dearly, he has giving us so much guidance, knowledge and time we can not thank him enough.
He is the most kindest man in the entire world and loves everyone regardless of sex , race or religion.

Recently a very small number of you have not been very respectful to him.
The comments to him have been ridiculous, uneducated and cruel. Well we won’t have it …

rolls beware…. mess with him you mess with us.
Cause we’ve got music to make!!

We wish him, Adam and Rog and all the Queen team a wonderful tour of America and will miss him.

Thank you everyone for being so patient and supporting KD, we promise it will be so worth it.”

Adam Lambert commented on the photo:


Here is the photo below: