On Instagram, Queen icon Brian May posted a new picture of the sky he observed last night, and apparently, it wasn’t the view he was hoping to see after all his efforts.

As you might know, Queen legend Brian May has also a huge interest in astronomy which he has been showing on his latest Instagram posts. Last week, Brian claimed that we could see Noctilucent clouds in the sky. However, it did not go as planned and he apologized from his followers about the misinformation.

Recently, Brian posted another picture taken from his rooftop on Instagram showing the Noctilucent clouds. However, even though his friend Jamie Cooper informed him that the clouds were visible, Brian wasn’t able to see a clear view.

On the caption of his post, Brian explained what he was hoping to see and what he ended up seeing instead. Apparently, his friend was able to see a clear sky, while Brian had only clouds. He still advised to his followers go and check whether they had a better view.

Here’s what Brian May stated on the caption of his Instagram post:

Noctilucent Clouds? Well, this isn’t the photo I was hoping for! But my dear pal Jamie Cooper has just alerted me to the fact that they are VISIBLE RIGHT NOW!!! Unfortunately, while he has clear skies, I have clouds – but there is just a hint here that the unearthly light of the NLC’s is shining up there behind my rain clouds. You may be luckier than I! Have a look right now and post your pics with Noctilucent Clouds —- Good Luck!💥💥

Update! Looking at the weather patterns on SAT24, it looks as if you are in luck if you are in Wales or Devon or Cornwall right now. I might just be in luck in London in half an hour or so. I’ll let you know! 🤞 Bri

You can see the photo Brian May posted on Instagram below.