Queen’s current live vocalist Adam Lambert spoke in the recent interview with Paper Magazine and made a stunning statement about the Velvet music video.

As you might remember, Adam Lambert released his solo album named Velvet on March 20, 2020, that features thirteen songs. Furthermore, he took a music video for the first song on the album, which also named Velvet, and it was viewed around 4.5M times on Youtube.

In the conversation, Adam revealed the idea of making the music clip of Velvet and stated that he wanted to make a gay video. Also, Adam stated that he wanted to go as queer as they can in the clip.

Interviewer asked:

“It’s really tongue in cheek. Does that come naturally for you?”

Adam Lambert replied:

“I think that is really a lot of my personality and it’s funny because I haven’t really gone there that much with music videos yet. We did a little bit in the ‘Superpower’ music video. That is a natural go-to for me. I’m a bit of a clown in front of an audience. I think Velvet is really buoyant and light and fun.

I said to Charlotte, ‘Let’s go over the top with it! Let’s have fun!” The other thing that I said to her was, ‘I just want to make a really gay video. As queer as we can go with the casting, with some of the set-ups, and with some of the little beats.’ And she was game. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.”

Interviewer responded:

“The video casting is also incredible.”

Adam Lambert said:

“I talked to Charlotte about it and said, ‘I want to see everyone being reflected. I want this to be super queer and super alternative,’ which reflects my real-life social life.

I love that we have all different ages, genders, and racial representations. It feels like a beautiful microcosm of the utopia we hope to find someday.”

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