Queen’s legendary drummer and also co-founder of the band, Roger Taylor, has posted a recent tweet on his verified social media account today and announced the release of his latest solo named ‘Isolation.’

After being silent on social media for over three months, Roger Taylor has amazed his community by releasing his new solo work all of a sudden.

Queen drummer has written the lyrics of the song during the lockdown and Taylor’s new chart-topping song has been supported by a wonderful video. The video itself aims to reflect the current situation of the world during the coronavirus outbreak.

As you might check out the lyrics of the song below, Roger called the times we are living as ‘strange times’ and it seems that the fans agree with Queen legend. The video got numerous likes in a short time on both YouTube and Twitter.

Here is what Roger wrote about his latest song:

“Brand new video live now!!! #isolation.”

Here are the lyrics of the recent song of Roger:

“So here we sit, in isolation
We calm our fears, we’re marking time
An endless tide, of information
We find our feet, we’re doing fine
Just fill your day, in isolation
It’s everyone, in every home
It’s every man of every station
We change our ways, we’re doing fine.

Strange times indeed.
Strange times indeed.
Strange times indeed.

And every child does what they can
In every house, in every land
So settle back and see it through
When this all ends, we’ll think anew.

Strange times indeed.
Strange times indeed.
Strange times indeed.”

You can check out the tweet and the official video clip of the song right below.