In an interview with Raised On Radio, Queen drummer Roger Taylor talked about the band’s history and revealed how they met with the band’s current vocalist Adam Lambert by coincidence.

As you might remember, Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor appeared as guests on the famous show American Idol‘s eighth season. Adam Lambert was still a contestant of the show when he had the chance to perform with Queen legends.

Following their performance of Queen’s iconic song ‘We Are The Champions,’ Brian May revealed they were actually considering Adam Lambert as a lead singer for Queen. Apparently, Brian May was first impressed by Adam when he saw his performance of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ for the auditions of American Idol.

Recently, Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor joined an interview with Raised On Radio on Youtube and talked about the history of the band and revealed the details of the time when Adam Lambert replaced Paul Rodgers.

Queen icon Roger Taylor mentioned how they decided to go on playing after Freddie Mercury’s death and revealed their meeting with Adam was actually a coincidence:

“When Freddie passed away, we really thought, ‘Well, that’s that.’ And it was really events that transpired that caused us to go on. We did some live shows with Paul Rodgers – he’s a wonderful singer. And then we found Adam just by accident, really, and things have gone from strength to strength.”

Furthermore, Roger Taylor praised the fascinating performances of Adam Lambert by stating he had ‘one of the greatest voices‘:

“Yeah, he’s a joy to work with, fantastic. And he’s adorable and, of course, he’s just an incredible frontman with one of the greatest voices in the world, I think.”

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