Daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, Tiger Lily Taylor, has uploaded a new photo of herself, by showing how bored she’s at home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Tiger Lily is one of those who stuck at home like everyone else. She hopped to Instagram and showed her longing for her friends and desire to go out freely after these hard days.

As you might see in the photo, Tiger looked very bored while sitting in her pill-patterned pajamas at home. She also left a brief note on the photo.

Here’s what Tiger Lily Taylor wrote:

“Ok gimme my friends and summer drinks at the pub now.”

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Tiger Lily Taylor – Instagram

A few days ago, Tiger Lily Taylor has shared her attractive photos via her verified Instagram account.

As you can check out the Instagram Stories below, Tiger Lily Taylor was giving a stunning pose in front of the wall with her close friend, Harriet Holder.

Nevertheless, Tiger’s perfect body can be seen from miles away in this red tight dress. Frankly, she likes to show her curves and legs because of that she shares similar poses every day on her social media.

Click here to see the photos below.