Queen guitarist and co-founder Brian May shared a bunch of unseen photos of him and his recently passed fan Trini Vergara and penned an emotional letter after she lost his long-time battle with cancer.

As you may already follow his social media accounts, Queen star is always in great relationships with his fans and also he’s working with them making his new projects and Trini was one of them. She was sharing regular posts that were taken by Bri’s i3DSteroid machine and showing her admiration for Bri with almost every single photo she sends.

Unfortunately, this week, she passed away from this world. Her long-time idol did not forget to say goodby to his long-time fan and friend by sharing unforgettable memories with her and stated that she was more than a fan of him.

Here is what Brian May wrote in the caption:

“So sad to hear today of the passing of Trini Vergara, also known in these parts as TriniQueenie3D. A beautiful soul, she was a loyal and devoted fan and friend, who contributed love to the community but never, in my memory, asked for anything.

She had been battling cancer for years, enduring so much pain, but all she ever wanted to talk about was the good things. Sincere sympathies to her family and friends – and my appreciation to all her friends here on Instagram who huddled round to give her support. I wish I could have given her more.

She would say ‘I’m only a fan’ – but she was a model for giving out maximum joy to all around her. Bless ya Trini. Rest in Peace. Bri X.”

You can check out one of the photos Bri shared right below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram