Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton spoke in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar, and revealed the first band he tried to learn on guitar.

Interviewer asked:

“What were some of the first songs you tried to learn and how did you go about learning them?”

Michael responded:

“Well actually, I started out on the bass and I used to listen to my father’s record collection and I just sort of put my ear to the speaker and I would just listen over and over until I matched the notes.

I picked up the guitar because I was in a garage band in junior high school and I thought that I could play the guitar parts better than the guitar player in the band, so we switched instruments and I started playing guitar.

I was cutting my teeth on Led Zeppelin riffs and Deep Purple and all the basic ones that everybody knew and for the most part, I learned by just having my ear to the speaker and other times it was by hanging out with other guitar players and seeing how they played songs and sharing knowledge of songs. That’s how you did it back in those days.”

Interviewer asked:

“When did you start learning sheet music and tabs?”

He responded:

“After I graduated high school, I went to a music college in Seattle called The Cornish Institute of Allied Arts and there I learned to read music. I studied classical guitar, I learned the basics of piano and received a well-rounded musical education. It was more about reading the notes, tablature came later.

I remember when I was learning classical guitar parts it was easier because you memorize the notes when you’re reading them, and I thought that was a lot easier than trying to figure out the tab. With tabs, you have to think about what number it is on what string to where if you memorize it and you see a note, you know where it is on the guitar.”

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