American heavy metal band Queensrÿche has released their latest album “Condition Hüman” in 2015. The album sold only 14,000 copies in the first week in USA.

Today, the band have released a new video for “Hellfire,” which song taken from their latest album “Condition Hüman”. You can watch it from below.

Vocalist Todd La Torre told the story of this song as follows:

‘Hellfire’ is a depiction primarily based on the tragic events surrounding the Malaysian airline flight MH17. Despite the storyline’s foundation, the lyrical and visual narrative transcends into other pertinent, global subject matters.

Civil unrest, guerrilla warfare, media propaganda, and social inequalities are just some examples of the multifaceted issues marbled throughout ‘Hellfire’. A poignant illustration of an unfortunate yet timeless reality.”

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