Queensryche’s frontman Todd LaTorre spoke with Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice, and he shared his thoughts about the new album called The Verdict’s musical direction, lyrical themes.

On musical direction of the new album, he said (transcriped by The Metal Voice):

“I like the flow of this album more than the last one and don’t get me wrong I love the last one but this one is a heavier, it’s pretty dark and you know it’s got more up-tempo. I think it’s a really good balance of some faster paced and mid-tempo songs plus there’s some slow stuff. I think there is a really good balance on this one I think we did a better job in that aspect.

The song Portrait to me sounds like it could have been off of Empire or Promised Land and then yeah you know you got you’ve got a couple of other tunes that maybe could have been off like Rage for Order or Mindcrime.”

When asked about the lyrical themes of this album, he said:

“Propaganda Fashion, It’s pretty self-evident in the title, that one is just about all of the propaganda and the power and the control that corporations and certain people have over the media airwaves and substantial thing.

The record overall theme, the dominant common thread in a lot of these songs not all of them, is it deals with social and justices and uncomfortable topics. We’re not talking about any person or any conservative or liberal leanings.

So the theme of this record overall is just very geopolitical socio-political in the Queensryche fashion. There’s a couple of songs though that are more personal like grieving and loss.”

Listen to the entire interview below.