Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo remembered the times when he played for Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band during a recent appearance on The ’80s Glam Metalcast.

After getting fired from Black Sabbath in 1979, Ozzy formed his solo band, Blizzard Of Ozz, featuring Bob Daisley as the bass guitarist. Bob recorded two studio albums with Ozzy, ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ and ‘Diary Of A Mad Man,’ before leaving the band.

Then, Bob was replaced by Randy Rhoads’ bandmate from Quiet Riot, Rudy Sarzo, who only played on the live shows. Also, he appeared in 1982’s live album ‘Speak Of The Devil.’

In the conversation, Rudy pointed out that he didn’t feel uncomfortable with Ozzy’s band because he was playing alongside Randy once again. Then, he explained how Randy’s playing style in Quiet Riot affected Ozzy’s sound.

Later in the conversation, Rudy mentioned that Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, asked him to be Ozzy’s drinking buddy, which he eventually accepted. However, Rudy realized that he could not keep up with Ozzy after a couple of days, which made him more civilized afterward. As Rudy said, it helped him realize that he should never drink on stage.

Rudy Sarzo on the extraordinary offer of Sharon Osbourne:

Sharon even asked me to be Ozzy’s drinking buddy, and I said, ‘OK, why not?’

And soon I learned that I could not keep up with Ozzy, it only lasted a few days, it only takes a few days to realize you can’t keep up with this guy.

So I went back into more civilized behavior on stage, not just on stage but off stage. I never drank on stage but offstage.”

You can listen to the full interview below.