Quiet Riot star Frankie Banali had a recent interview with MA Entertainment Global and revealed the details of his struggle with stage four pancreatic cancer.

Banali also stated that the support of the fans gave him the strength to continue and he doesn’t have the intention to give up.

Here is his statement:

“What ended up happening is after I was diagnosed [in April], I was able to do a festival date in Florida in April, and then in May, I was able to do the M3 festival. After that, my doctors said that I wasn’t fit to fly or be away from the facilities where I was getting, or about to get, treatment.

So it prevented me from playing a lot of dates this year from Quiet Riot out on the road, although in August I was able to do two local L.A.-area dates, because I didn’t have to fly. And then I just did the Whisky this past Saturday, the 26th [of October].

But they’ve given me the green light to go ahead and play the last two shows of the year, one in November and one in December, as well as I’m gonna be going to Japan to play a show there with a Japanese artist, Mr. Jimmy, in December as well. And we’re gonna start doing treatment, my chemotherapy and my recovery time based on when I have to fly out to do dates. So I’ll be back out on the road with Quiet Riot for the end of this year and into 2020.”

It’s (fan’s support) given me even more strength to continue the fight. I have no intentions of giving up the fight, regardless of which way this goes.”

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