Former Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright recently joined Rocking With Jam Man for an interview during which he revealed his thoughts about leaving his place in the band to Rudy Sarzo. According to Wright, it wasn’t a surprise to him.

Chuck Wright originally joined Quiet Riot in 1982. After being replaced by Gary Van Dyke, Chuck Wright rejoined Quiet Riot as Rudy Sarzo’s replacement in 1985. Wright was replaced again by Sean McNabb in 1987 and returned to the band in 1994. However, three years later, Sarzo retook his place.

In 2003, Quiet Riot broke up. However, the band returned with a lineup featuring Wright a year later. He then worked with the band between 2004 and 2006 and from 2006 to 2007 until DuBrow’s death. Three years after DuBrow’s passing, Quiet Riot reformed with new vocalist Mark Huff.

Huff was fired in January 2012, and the band made several changes in the lineup. In 2021, nearly a year after Banali’s passing, Quiet Riot announced Rudy Sarzo’s return. So Sarzo once again replaced Wright.

Speaking to Rocking With Jam Man, Chuck Wright addressed being replaced by Rudy Sarzo. He stated that it wasn’t a surprise since this had happened multiple times in the band’s career. Moreover, Wright said he was working on his solo record at that time, and he didn’t see this as a planned thing from his perspective.

During the conversation, Chuck Wright said the following about being replaced by Rudy Sarzo:

“Well, that has happened more than once, so it wasn’t really a surprise to me. And at the time that I heard he was going to be coming back, I was doing my solo record. So it is what it is; that’s where things go. It wasn’t a plan from my end. You’d have to talk to them to know. I mean, talk to whoever runs their business.”

You can watch the full interview below.