In a recent conversation for the radio show named ‘Trunk Nation’, Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali shared the details about his ongoing cancer treatment, however, three days later he was hospitalized once again.

As you might remember, Quiet Riot star Frankie Banali was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer earlier in 2019. He has been battling with the disease since then.

A few days ago, in an interview for SiriusXM radio’s show named ‘Trunk Nation,’ revealed the details of his treatment process and how he had been handling the challenges caused by the disease.

“I’m still fighting the good fight. I’m still doing the chemotherapy. I switched to a different chemotherapy a few months ago. And the side effects on this one are pretty brutal, and they pretty much last into the next round of chemo. So you kind of don’t get a break for about three weeks, and then you get about maybe 10 days off, and then the cycle starts again. But it’s part of what I’m doing.”

Moreover, Frankie stated his doctors’ opinions about the treatment process and the possibility of full recovery:

“It really depends on any given cycle, whether things are going up or whether things are reducing. The situation that I’m in is not a sprint, really — it is the longest race I can possibly make out of my situation.

So you have to be really, really careful how you read into some of these things because something can look elevated, but then if you look at a scan — one of my internal scans — it’s not as bad as the numbers say. But it’s a deadly disease — there’s no question about it — and I know that that’s what eventually is gonna kill me. In the meantime, I’m just trying to put that day off as far back as I possibly can.”

A few days after the interview, Frankie Binali announced on his personal Facebook page that he was admitted to an emergency room in Woodland Hills, California. The talented drummer shared his picture lying on a hospital bed and wrote on the caption:

“Just admitted to the Emergency Room at Kaiser… It occurred to me that this is just like Disneyland except the lines are shorter & the rides are painfully slow… and the price of admission… OMG!”

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