Pearl Jam recently shared Artist Waves’ article in which different artist expressed their ideas about the songs from ‘Ten’ on Twitter. In the article, former R.E.M. lead vocalist Michael Stipe recalled the first time he heard Eddie Vedder’s voice.

As you probably know, Pearl Jam released their debut studio album entitled ‘Ten’ on August 27, 1991. The album received very positive reviews from critics and fans by reaching No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and was certified 13× Platinum. It was also defined as the rise of alternative rock.

In addition, the album’s tracks such as ‘Black,’ ‘Alive,’ ‘Even Flow,’ and ‘Jeremy’ became some of Pearl Jam’s most popular and commercially successful songs. Nowadays, the band has been celebrating the 30th anniversary of ‘Ten’ by sharing both their own and the other artists’ feelings about the album.

In Artist Waves’ article, R.E.M. icon Michael Stipe recalled the time he heard Eddie Vedder’s voice while listening to ‘Even Flow.’ He characterized his voice as new and unique, which he hadn’t come across for many years. Also, Stipe praised the song, saying that its lyrics carry deep and emotional meaning, and it sounds as good as The Feelies and Led Zeppelin.

Pearl Jam’s tweet read:

“Check out the Artist Waves’ article by Jeff Gorra celebrating 30 years of ‘Ten,’ with special guests sharing thoughts & memories about each song on the album.”

In Stipe’s words, he said:

“My very first thought was that voice, Eddie’s voice – wow, this is fresh and new, and we hadn’t heard a voice like that since Bad Company ‘Seagull’ era Paul Rodgers, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Otis Redding – soulful and real, and pushing its upper registers, partly shouted, but really sung and tuneful and powerful. Like a roughed-up Neil Diamond or Argent or The Guess Who. It was really ready for radio but rough and real.

Lyrically ‘Even Flow,’ told a story. Songs didn’t much tell stories then, that was fresh and new, and they all looked cool, too. Not retro. Not punk. Just like pacific northwest-something-is-going-on, an attitude that the rest of the country hadn’t picked up on yet. Musically, it was The Feelies, Glenn Branca, and Presence Led Zeppelin. It deeply resonated emotionally, spearheaded, and helped crystallize an era.”

You can check out the tweet and the song below.