British alternative rock group Radiohead is among the most creative bands of its time. Radiohead guitarist, Jonny Greenwood says that he hates guitar solos. In an interview made by Rolling Stone, he explained his thoughts on guitar solos. 

Here’s the statement:

“When we were at school, we hated and distrusted anything that was successful on a large scale.

We just associated it with bands that did guitar solos with big hair. It’s already such a preening, self-regarding profession.

I‘ve always hated guitar solos. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone cautiously going up and down the scales of their guitar.

You can hear them thinking about what the next note should be, and then out it comes. It’s more interesting to write something that doesn’t outstay its welcome.”

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    Well, I agree with Jonny’s point of view. Guitar solos are so overrated. I get bored seeing all those “shreders” playing up and down the fretboard. Most of them never do something interesting to me. Jonny, without having that level of technique, is able to compose pieces for orchestra which are way more complex to play than all the stuff those famous virtuosos have composed. If you read about Jonny’s musical background, you’ll realize why he doesn’t give a damn about guitar solos. I mean, HE HAS DONE AN ALBUM with Krzysztof Penderecki. Krzysztof Penderecki is one of the greatest composers of all time. You guys throwing shit to Jonny need to listen to more music.