Former Audioslave and current Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, has posted a new selfie on Instagram to show his admiration for rock legends, KISS.

In the caption area, Tom wrote some lyrics from his solo album called ‘One Man Revolution,’ but at the same time, he showed off his admiration for KISS by wearing their t-shirt in the frame.

Tom also made a little question and answer session on the comment section and responded to the question he got from the fans.

First of all, we have to show you what he wrote in the caption area, here:

“In my nightmares, the streets are aflame/And in my dreams it’s much the same/And on the streets of LA they know my name/And if you’ve come to this far brothers & sisters/Maybe we’re one and the same.”

An Instagram fan wrote to Tom:

“Hi, Tom! Saw you at Stone Pony. Best show ever been to. Love you. ❤️”

Tom responded:

“Thanks. That was an enchanted evening.”

Another fan named M. Trapp said:

“One Man Revolution totally changed me. I remember skipping school and riding my bike to get it on release day when I was 17. Still one of my favorites today. Thank you for instilling a fighting spirit in a kid who fucking needed it.”

Tom responded:

“Right on!”

See the original Instagram photo below.