Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello shared a picture of himself and the vocalist, Zack de la Rocha, on Instagram and gave the news about the band returning to Billboard 200.

The protests against racial discrimination and police brutality have been continuing most of the states to demand justice for George Floyd. The protests also had a surprising outcome for some of the musicians and bands.

With the influence of the ongoing demonstrations, most of the people started turning to songs of liberation and revolution. Some music platforms also created lists called ‘Black Lives Matter’ and only included the songs from African American musicians.

Recently, Rage Against the Machine gained a huge interest for their songs expressed revolutionary political views which resulted in their return to Billboard 200 and the iTunes’ Top Albums chart.

On Instagram, the iconic guitarist of the band, Tom Morello, shared the news with the fans referring to the impact of recent racism protests on their success. On the caption of his Instagram post, Tom wrote:

“Rage Against the Machine enters Billboard 200 and the iTunes Top Ten amid global anti-racism protests.

You can see the post Tom Morello shared on his official Instagram account below.

Tom also shared the exciting news with the band’s fans via his Twitter account and wrote:

Every Molotov needs a soundtrack

You can see the tweet Tom Morello shared on Twitter below.