RATT lead guitarist Jordan Ziff has unveiled the future plans of the band and also saddened fans by announcing that there will be no album in near future.

During the interview with Talking Metal, Jordan has revealed that they are planning to put out some singles instead of creating a new album. As he stated in, RATT will be making the new songs one by one.

Mark Strigl from Talking Metal asked:

“What is happening with RATT, are you actively writing with the band?”

Jordan Ziff replied:

“We’ve all kind of been writing on our own because we haven’t really had a lot of time to get together and do some writing together. Come January, we have some time off, so we’re all going to get together and write some stuff and put out a few singles. That’s kind of what we’re looking to do. Not a full album, just do track-by-track.

We don’t need to sit and spend a million years trying to do a whole album when, at the end of the day, it’s just like, ‘Let’s just write a good song, put it out, write another good song, put it out.’ I feel like that’s the best way to do it these days anyway… I have some song structures. I know Juan (bass guitarist) does; I know Stephen (vocalist) does. It’s all about just getting in a room and seeing what totally clicks with all of us jamming together.”

Jordan Ziff also explained how it feels like to play with Marty Friedman:

“We were e-mailing back and forth. I played in a band with this guy, Chris Catero, who used to play in Marty’s band, and we did an album together, and he just sent it over to Marty. Marty listened to it and said, ‘Hey, man. I really dig your guitar playing. Do you think you’d maybe want to play in my band?’ We talked probably back and forth for, like, a year and a half before we even were able to put together a U.S. tour, but it was pretty instant chemistry between me and him.”

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