Rage Against The Machine recently issued a statement on their Facebook page regarding the abortion ban, claiming bans on abortion will only make poor and BIPOC communities suffer.

On May 2, a leaked draft revealed that the Supreme Court has plans to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights. This action will allow states to enact complete bans on abortion.

While anti-abortion advocates in Idaho support this ban, many women are opposed to the Supreme Court’s plans. They want to have the freedom to decide on when to have a baby or not, and lots of famous names support them.

In a recent Facebook post, Rage Against The Machine also showed their support for the matter. The band stated that they would fight any attempts to restrict reproductive freedoms, and banning abortion would only affect the poor, BIPOC, and undocumented communities.

Moreover, RATM stated that the major parties’ shift towards the right-wing should alarm everyone, and it’s a wake-up call for them to organize people against a warfare state that assaults people’s lives.

The band’s Facebook post read:

“Rage Against the Machine stands in support of reproductive justice and will continue to fight against any attempts to restrict or control reproductive freedoms. Criminalizing access to abortion will only add to the suffering disproportionately felt by poor, BIPOC, and undocumented communities.

The constant rightward shift of both major parties should alarm us all. A wake-up call that we desperately need to organize radical people power against a warfare state that continues its assault on people’s lives.”

After the speculations of an abortion ban started to surface, countless musicians stood up against this situation that takes away women’s freedom. As a strong female figure in rock music, Hayley Williams of Paramore also revealed her stance against the abortion ban in an Instagram post. She stated that she is particularly concerned as a woman from the South.