Rare Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has uploaded a rare photo of legendary Pink Floyd guitarist and singer, David Gilmour, on his official Instagram page, celebrating his 74th birthday with a meaningful letter.

Tom Morello revealed a younghood photo of Gilmour by saying ‘happy birthday.’ In the continuation of the letter, Morello said that he is one of the greatest guitarists and singers in rock history. He also showed his respect for the 74-year-old legend by describing him as a musical genius.

Here’s what Tom Morello stated:

“Happy Birthday, David Gilmour! Indisputably one of the greatest guitarists in rock history, and a damn great singer too. I remember loving Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 but thinking the solo should be more ‘metal.’ Oh, how wrong I was. It’s a genius. The “Time” solo? Fuggedaboutit! All-time classic.

Perhaps none better for the depth of feeling and melodic power. Dozens more. And his sometimes atmospheric (Crazy Diamond), sometimes unpredictably funky (Pigs), sometimes gorgeously acoustic (Wish You Were Here) rhythm playing is just as great. Thanks, David, have a great one.”

A fan named thenaturaldb commented and said:

“One of the greatest! ❤️ That’s a bad dude right there!”

Another fan named cjh1669 wrote:

“If I could like this a million times. Just an amazing guitar player.”

See the Instagram post below.