Rage Against The Machine’s founding member and guitarist Tom Morello, recently posted a couple of tweets on his Twitter account considering the latest news on the assasination of Malcolm X and revealed that his bandmate Zack de la Rocha had foreseen this in 1992.

Zack de la Rocha is known for his successful career as the vocalist and lyricist of the iconic rock band Rage Against the Machine. However, he’s also well-appreciated for his activism and his political views can be described as left-wing. He’s an active opposer of ‘corporate America’ and has often vocalized his views on government oppression.

As you may recall, February 19, 1965, was a dark day in the history of the United States as it marked the assassination of Malcolm X, the outspoken political activist who was the national spokesman of the Nation of Islam and contributed immensely to the civil rights movement. The Nation of Islam was an African-American group that believed in the doctrines of Islam and advocated for Black separatism.

In 1964, Malcolm X announced his separation from the movement due to feelings of disillusionment. After that, he started receiving death threats from the group, and his assassination in 1965 was attributed to his dispute with the Nation of Islam. However, there were a lot of people who said that he wasn’t assassinated by his former group but the government of the United States who wanted to silence Black people’s voices.

Recently, Malcolm X’s family revealed a letter that they had received upon Malcolm’s assassination from a now-deceased police officer, in which he confessed that he was instructed and pressured by his NYPD supervisors to encourage two members of Malcolm X’s security detail to commit crimes some days before the famous activist’s assassination, which would eventually become the pretext for their conviction.

Tom Morello posted this article on his Twitter account and said that his bandmate Zack had said back in 1992 that ‘they murdered X and tried to blame it on Islam‘ and he seems to have been correct. As a response to his tweet, a follower asked Tom Morello if there’s an unbiased and good source to find out more about Malcolm, to which Morello responded by saying that Malcolm X has written an autobiography.

Here’s what Tom Morello said in his first tweet:

“As Zack said quite clearly in 1992: ‘They murdered X and tried to blame it on Islam.'”

And a fan asked:

“Where is a good, unbiased source to learn what Malcolm X believed and fought for?”

To which Morello responded by saying:

His autobiography.”

You can check out the tweets below.