Former Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello spoke in an interview with Justin Beckner from Ultimate-Guitar, and revealed the main reason behind the success of a rock band.

Morello said that ‘The reason a band is good is because of chemistry’.

Interviewer asked:

“I grew up secretly learning theory from playing your songs. A lot of people did. What’s a common mistake you see people making when they’re covering your music?”

Morello responded:

“Well, I wouldn’t call them mistakes. The reason a band is good is because of chemistry. There is a certain way that Tim [the bassist] and Brad [Wilk, drums] and I play together where I play slightly ahead of the beat and Brad plays slightly behind and Tim fill up all that middle space which makes it sound like us.

Now, we didn’t practice that, that’s just how we’ve naturally played together from the very first rehearsal. So when I’ve seen bands covering Rage or Audioslave songs, a lot of the time the feel is different but that’s just because it’s different musicians.

But I would encourage people to do – if you want to cover other people’s songs, bless your heart, go do it. But where I find the greatest satisfaction is: find what it is in you, find yourself as an artist, and if that means you’re going to learn a bunch of cover songs, that’s great, you can draw a lot from that.

But for me, the most satisfying thing for me was to first learn other peoples songs, then being able to find my own lane where I could say, ‘This is really authentically me.'”

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