In a recent interview with Metal Hammer’s Dave Everley, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello revealed his real thoughts on the new generation and admitted that guitar solo is dying.

While he’s stated that music genres as R&B, pop, and rap are far more popular than rock music nowadays, Tom claims that metal will be there for a long time and we should consider this situation as a chance to peak later.

Tom also did not hesitate to say that he’s disgusted by the new generation who avoids sit down and practice guitar solos.

Here is his statement:

“The thing is, metal will be here long after other genres have come and gone. Sure, it’s level of popularity isn’t at a peak right now, but that’s all the more reason for those of us who believe in it to keep making the music we love.

I’m disgusted by the fact that a lot of young people these days aren’t willing to sit down and practice the electric guitar for eight hours a day. They are all looking for an easier route to becoming famous. Look at the Top 50 songs on the radio in the US – there are no guitar solos in them. I see [Tom’s 208 all-star solo album] The Atlas Underground as a Trojan horse. I want it to turn a new generation of kids on to cranking up the guitar.”

He continued:

“We’re in a very dark time right now. It’s like we’re in Pompeii with Vesuvius exploding and the only ship out of town is the Titanic. But there’s always hope.

There are two constants that I’ve seen from the time I started making music with Rage Against The Machine. One is the rampant injustice around the globe. The other is the resistance to that injustice”

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