Rage Against The Machine star and one of the most active social media users of the music industry, Tom Morello, has taken his verified Instagram page today to mourn Anne Feeney who recently passed away.

Anne Feeney was one of the most famous female political activists of the era as well as being a successful folk musician and singer. She was born in Pennslyvania and gave her first-ever public concert with her recently bought Martin D-28 guitar in 1967. Unfortunately, she has passed away due to complications related to COVID-19 at the age of 69.

After Tom Morello has shared the photo of Anne, over 5K followers have pushed the like button and shared their condolences to the late star including Rob Zombie guitarist and long-time friend of Tom Morello, John 5.

Here is what Tom Morello wrote in the caption:

“The great folk musician Anne Feeney was a fearless and formidable force for justice and worker’s rights onstage, in the studio, and on the picket line.

Through her art and through her example our I.W.W. comrade will continue to be a beacon of hope and solidarity for future generations. Rest In Peace, hero.”

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