Rage Against The Machine star and one of the iconic guitarists of all time, Tom Morello, has shared the album cover pic of Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven And Hell album’ on his official Instagram account and penned down a meaningful message due to the anniversary.

Today is an important day for Black Sabbath and their fans because they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their legend album called ‘Heaven and Hell.’ It is the first album to feature vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who replaced original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne in 1979.

Tom Morello doesn’t forget the importance of today for Black Sabbath and shared the cover of their album on Instagram. Also, he wrote a meaningful message to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it.

Here’s what he wrote:

“40 yrs ago today this absolute top to bottom-heavy metal classic banger dropped.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.