Mötley Crüe’s frontman Vince Neil’s girlfriend, the Hollywood makeup artist Rain Hannah, recently posted a photo of herself with Neil’s parents on her Instagram account and thanked all their fans who have been sending their prayers during this sorrowful time.’

As you may recall, Vince Neil had made it to our headlines a couple of days ago when he announced the passing of his beloved father Odie. He had expressed his feelings of deep sorrow and unending love for his father, who Vince Neil described as a ‘beautiful and beloved man.’

In her recent Instagram post, Rain Hannah updated both her and Vince Neil’s fans by saying that their pain is still far from over but that they really appreciate everyone’s prayers, wishes, and support during this challenging time. She then started talking about her relationship with Vince Neil’s father and her words touched everyones heart.

Rain went expressed her love for Odie and said that she feels blessed that she got the chance to know such a ‘beautiful, kind, supportive, loving soul.’ She also stated that it’s such a great feeling to know that he loved them at least as much as they loved Odie. She concluded her message by expressing her infinite love for Odie and saying that he will live with them forever through the memories that he left behind.

Here’s what Rain Hannah said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

Another Angel has found his wings

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support through this sorrowful time as we mourning Odie. We are blessed to have known his beautiful, kind, supportive, loving soul. He served this country proudly and loved his family, friends, and dogs. He lives on forever in our hearts and memories.

All our love to you Odie. Thank you for loving us back with your whole heart. Rest In Peace our dearest 💔”

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