A famous actor and academy awarded Rami Malek made a new interview with Sunday – Daily Express and made a bizarre statement about how Freddie Mercury stared at him like ‘Don’t do it!’

Here is what Malek told Stephen Colbert about the early meeting he had with the producers:

“I went to do some pre-recording and it was at Abbey Road – I was a little late, London traffic, whatever.

I was running across the street and I look back and it’s the iconic crosswalk that the Beatles have the album cover on… and instantly I’m like, ‘what the hell is happening to me right now?’

I race up the stairs, the meeting is on the fourth floor. “And around the third floor, I’m passing by all these photos of bands that you love, and suddenly I stop – and I’m like, ‘what are you doing, you’re late, you shouldn’t stop right now?”

He continued and revealed how he felt like he saw the ghost of Freddie and tell him not to play him in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here is what he said:

“And I take two steps back and I see this autographed photo of all the members of Queen. Freddie Mercury’s face just kind of staring at me – telling me, ‘don’t do this! It was a challenge. I kind of looked back, and I said, ‘no… no…’ – it really felt inspiring! But it definitely was that look of, ‘don’t f**k this up!”

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