Actor Rami Malek spoke in an interview with The and expressed how he feels about portraying Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

He said that “this was an honour”. Here’s the statement:

“It was an immense responsibility for me. I felt like I was running on a highly confident level at times.

This was an honour to portray Freddie Mercury, and there was a certain amount of justice that you have to give to the man in order to portray him, or portray the band. So I wanted to go to work with the highest level of functioning capability I could.

So we all raised our games, day in and day out. And I appreciated taking a leadership responsibility, because that’s what Freddie would have done.

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A week ago, he spoke in another interview with Who and revealed what he feels about the Queen’s movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. He said:

“You see him on stage and then almost instinctually I’d want to discover more. There’s just an eloquence and elegance to him that you see when he’s on stage – and then you can see where all that was birthed from.

I mean, not many artists are wearing an entire head-to-toe leather outfit, sipping a champagne flute and telling their audience to strip naked if they please. And he still comes off with this essence of royalty.

I could delve deeper into the his relationships. I just kept pushing for more of that aspect of his life. I don’t know if we ever felt fulfilled by it.”

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