Speaking to Guitar World, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe talked about upcoming album of the band.

He has shared his thoughts about how to create new songs at home. Here’s the statement:

“We really wanted the music to sound warmer and like us playing together. Everyone with a computer can make music at home. You can program stuff and get nice-sounding drum programs and the sound is very good off the soundcards you have at home.

That’s fine, but our goal was to have something that could never be done at home, where you really hear the humans behind the instruments. To see your drummer play when you work on songs and see there are real people involved in your band I think is good for us.”

On songwriting process of the album, he said:

“We sat around in a circle and played with all the ideas we had instead of rejecting anything right away. We played and played, and it was very good for us to be together for once. Before, it was more like sitting on a computer and playing one line and then sending it around. This was a much more of a real band process.

We argue so much. [Laughs] We never get along. Every time we get together, we fight. We are six guys and six opinions and we are all involved in everything, so we get angry. We’re not punching each other or anything. We try to just scream, but we’re not quite done yet. Hopefully, we don’t have to punch and we can figure it out by talking.”

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