During in a recent interview with Loudwire, Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe said that new Rammstein album might be the last one -again-.

Interviewer asked:

“Every time Rammstein is about to release a new record, you’ve always said, ‘This is the last one.’ Do you feel in your heart that the next album really is the last one?”

Richard responded:

“I always say that, and believe me, it’s very true when I say that. I really believe. That’s the funny thing about man, they tend to forget bad things. Every time I talk to a man that had a bad relationship and I talk to the women, or I talk to my ex-girlfriend, it’s like, ‘What? It wasn’t that bad.’ They’re like, ‘Oh, you forgot about that and that?’

I was sure that, for me, the last time was the last time. It’s like the saying, ‘If you want to make God smile, tell him your plans.’ You think something and then life teaches you otherwise.

There’s a certain age where you question about how much time do you have, you know? Is this the end of what you want to achieve in life? Is there maybe something else you want to do in life? Is there something else you want to learn in life?

Do I want to do another Rammstein? At the moment, I don’t because I did for four years of fucking Rammstein records. At the moment, I feel like I don’t want to do anything anymore, I’m fucking tired of music. At the moment, Emigrate is out and I’m very, very happy. The Rammstein record is coming out (we’re thinking about April at the moment) and we’re going on tour probably for the next three years. I don’t know, so many things can happen.

I know I’m privileged. Having a band that sold out stadium tours in four hours — it’s crazy. The world of Rammstein, I always feel it has to stop at one time. It has to go down, but it grows and grows. It’s scary sometimes.”

Back in September 2017, Richard Kruspe said that ‘new Rammstein album might be the last one’ for the first time. Click here to details of that statement.

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