German metal band Rammstein have announced their massive European stadium tour for summer 2019.

Guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe spoke in an interview with Kaaos TV and revealed his thoughts on their upcoming stadium tour. He said:

“I have a mixed feeling about that. Obviously, I’m looking forward to doing something like that, because we haven’t done something like that before; it’s like the next step. On the other hand, it’s also a big responsibility.

I know we set out to perform on a very high level, and to continue doing that… We are in the middle of [preparing for] that, and we just realized, in a stadium, it’s different. Everything is different — you have to think different; you have to deal with daylight. Just all those things you have to consider. And it’s not that easy. My brain is running in circles thinking about what you can do and what you can’t do.

And hopefully we are coming up with something good… It’s gonna be interesting. At this point, I’m very, very happy there’s five other guys that have to bear their burden as well. I mean, just to think about you’re gonna be by yourself with that kind of decision… Ooooh… So I really feel comfortable having another five guys to worry about that.”

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Rammstein 2019 European tour dates 

Jun. 28 – Paris, France @ La Defense Arena
Jul. 02 – Hannover, Germany @ HDI Arena
Jul. 06 – Milton Keynes, UK @ Stadium
Jul. 10 – Brussels, Belgium @ Stade Roi Baudoiun
Jul. 13 – Frankfurt, Germany @ Commerzbank Arena
Jul. 16 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Eden Arena
Jul. 17 – Prague, Czech Reoublic @ Eden Arena
Jul. 20 – Luxembourg @ Roeser Festival Grounds
Jul. 24 – Chorzow, Czech Republic @ Stadion Slaski
Jul. 29 – Moscow, Russia @ VTB Arena
Aug. 02 – St. Petersburg, Russia @ Stadium
Aug. 06 – Riga, Latvia @ Lucavsala
Aug. 10 – Tampere, Finland @ Ratina Stadion
Aug. 14 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Stadion
Aug. 18 – Oslo, Norway @ Ullevaal Stadion
Aug. 22 – Vienna, Austria @ Ernst-Happel Stadion