In a recent interview with Jon Wiederhorn from Revolver Mag, Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe has shared the details of songwriting process of new album.

He said:

We’re still in the process of working on it. Everything we do takes so long. Rammstein is such a different cosmos than any other band. I mean, we’re all basically in a room fighting for each fucking sound and that takes forever! It’s so funny.

But it has to be this way. There’s no other way, you know. There are seven guys in the room going through each detail of the song. It’s exhausting, but it’s exciting at the same time.

At the moment, we’re going through the last polish. We had some test mixes made from certain big names and I wasn’t really happy. I wasn’t happy about the mix and the guys decided – I don’t want to put any names here – but the guys decided on one certain name and I couldn’t sleep.

I woke up and I went, ‘I can’t believe they want to do that. The mix was not good.’ At the last second, Rich Costey made a mix and, bang, it was there.

I remember back in the day, our old producer Jacob Hellner, was trying different mixers and I think that Rich did a remix of ‘Du Hast.’ And I remember thinking it was unbelievable. He was able to put certain instruments in certain spots and I was amazed. He just nailed it.”

Interviewer said ‘It’s been well reported how much Rammstein fights in the studio to make everything perfect’ and Richard responded:

Yes, and that’s why I was not really looking forward to doing a Rammstein record. I was thinking about the whole process. I know what’s happened in the past.

And what I did was I brought one of my dear friends and also the producer of the last [solo project] Emigrate record and our front-of-house guy, Olsen Envolltini, into the Rammstein world. My thought was to change up the dynamic and energy in Rammstein.

Olson is very musical. He’s multi-talented. And by him being there, the energy changed between me and Paul [Landers, Rammstein’s other guitarist] drastically. I don’t know why. It’s almost like being in couples therapy.

It’s not about going there and getting advice from the therapist. It’s more about, if you go to a therapist and sit in front of the other person, all of a sudden you’re listen to what the other person has to say, rather than while he’s saying something and you’re thinking of a strategy to fight against him.

So, all of a sudden, I was listening to what he had to say and he was listening to what I had to say. Individual-wise, we’re really, really different. Black and white. If he says, ‘Yeah,’ I say, ‘No.’ It’s always the same story. But somehow we need that for the Rammstein cosmos.”

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