Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe shared his thoughts and feelings about his grandmother who has been facing several health problems via his official Instagram account.

Randy revealed that he is afraid of losing his grandmother every time he sees her because she is 100 years old and her health status has been getting worse day by day for a while now.

As Randy said, she has an inability to see, and now her hearing condition is getting worse along with her memory. However, Randy mentioned that she does not have Alzheimer’s because she knows who and where she is.

Unfortunately, Randy stated that she has been living in the moment and doesn’t remember what happened before. Even though Randy visited her yesterday, she cannot remember their interaction at all.

Despite the fact that Randy’s grandmother doesn’t remember a lot now, the metalhead pointed out that they needed to do everything they can to make sure she is living happily for the rest of her life. 

While showing how important his grandmother is to the Blythe family, Randy also gave a little bit of advice to his followers and said that they should spend more time with the elders and show their love in order to make them happy.

Randy Blythe shared his feelings as follows:

“I visited my Grandmother yesterday. Every time I visit her, I see how increasingly frail she has become and think ‘This could be the last time.’ Grandma is 100 years old, can hardly see anything (mostly just light, shadow, & shapes), her hearing is very bad, & her memory is in tatters.

She doesn’t have Alzheimer’s- she knows who and where she is- but because of her inability to see, the fact that my brothers and I all sound alike when we speak, and that her short-term memory is basically non-existent, I have to remind her which grandson I am every few minutes, ‘Which one are you again, sugar?’

I am grateful that 8 or 9 years ago, I interviewed her about her life over the course of a couple of days, that I have those recordings & stories, because her mind was still very sharp into her 90’s. Now she pretty much exists solely in the present moment, and she is getting tired. She won’t remember that I visited her yesterday, but that’s ok— she was happy I was there, telling her I loved her, at that moment.”

He continued:

“I handed her the phone when my brothers called because now she has problems answering her phone by herself. Today, she won’t remember that they called, but she was happy to talk to them at that moment.

Grandma did so much for our family, and now we have to do what we can to make her as happy as we can, when we can, in those individual moments, even though she will forget them. Go visit your old people, if you have any left.

If they are of sound mind, ask them all sorts of questions about their life (childhood is a good place to start). Tell them that you love them. Do it as often as you can. Give them good moments- it’s all they really want as they near the end of their lives. Do not forget them. I love you, grandma!”

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Photo Credit: Randy Blythe – Instagram