Randy Blythe Told His Childhood Years: “I Was Never Popular, People Weren’t That Friendly to Me”

Lamb of God’s frontman Randy Blythe was the guest of Team Rock. He tells the his life story, childhood years and many other things of his life. He explaining to Team Rock what was he like growing up:

“I got into punk rock around sixth grade, and before that I tried to get on with everyone, I tried to fit in. But I was kind of a nerd and we didn’t have a lot of money. I mean, we weren’t living in a shack or anything, but we certainly weren’t rich. Kids can be kinda cruel if you don’t have the latest clothes or whatever, ’cos they’re raised by small-minded petty idiots, who teach them to be small-minded petty idiots. So I tried to get along with everyone but people weren’t that friendly to me. I was never popular or anything, so when I got into punk it was like ‘fuck everybody’ and it kind of stayed that way.”

He mention about his college years:

It was fucking wonderful. I lived in the dorms for the first year and somehow didn’t get thrown out of school. I never finished college – I think I’m still at college, I probably have one class left to take or something – but it was great, there were shows every night of the week, if not at a club then at a house party.”

He also explained, how did he first get into singing for Lamb of God:

“I was friends with everybody in bands, and there was this band, hose.got.cable, who would play and I’d occasionally sing for them ’cos I could do the metal voice. Eventually my buddy from Burn The Priest, which became Lamb Of God, said, ‘You gotta try out for my band’, but at that time I was hopping freight trains across country, squatting and stuff, so I told him, ‘Oh I’m about to go travelling for the summer, I’ll speak to you when I get back’. I got back two months later and that night I went to see them play and I said to my then-girlfriend, ‘That band’s amazing, that’s the band I’m going to sing for.’ So I made a decision to be in the band – they didn’t really have a choice! But of course I had no idea it would become my life, it was just a thing to do.”

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