Classic Rock Magazine has revealed a rare interview of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, and the interview is showing that the biggest influences of their music.

Here’s what Angus Young said about it:

“I was never interested in modern-day sorta music. I get off on all the old stuff – Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee, swing records, Louis Armstrong and stuff like that. All the other stuff seems poor in comparison, even the production.

You put Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti on and put the wildest thing from today next to it and it sounds timid in comparison.”

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A week ago, late AC/DC singer Bon Scott’s wife Irene Tornton spoke in an interview with Red Planet Music, and revealed the true reason of why Bon Scott quit from AC/DC.

She said:

“Well a number of things really. We had lived in England under not very great circumstances. A whole lot of couples together with kids, babies, and even a dog thrown in. It was very hard at the time, with all the women working, trying to make end’s meet, and the guys not getting the band work that they were hoping to get.

Winter coming along, and expectations going from hopefulness to despair near the end. So everyone was more or less arguing, I don’t think there wasn’t a couple that wasn’t affect by it all. It was hard. So we came back to Australia from the U.K. after a rough time.”

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