One of the popular fan pages of Queen legend Freddie Mercury on Instagram, Freddie_Mercury, revealed the untold truth about Freddie’s wishes for the child and made everybody surprised with this information.

In the caption of the post, the admin of the page unveiled the statement of Freddie, which was saying that he was thinking about having a baby, but it would never happen even though he loved to have a baby.

Also, the admin wrote that Freddie wanted a baby from his ex-girlfriend and long-time friend, Mary Austin, and that’s why he stated that there is no way to make a baby in his life.

Here is what Freddie said about having a baby:

“I would love to have a baby. That would be nice, but it will never happen. Maybe in another couple of years, or in another three years time, I might have a settled down feeling, but at this moment in time, no.

For the first time in my life, I’ve become very content. I want to see how far it goes and then I can think about things like that.”

Here is what admin of the page wrote:

“It also seemed that Freddie really only ever considered having a baby with Mary but he knew that could never happen. It was clear the star adored children.

Many moving pictures show Freddie playing with Mary’s sons and he was godfather to the eldest, Richard. He was also godfather to Freddie Mack, the son of his close friend and producer Reinhold Mack.”

A fan named Kulsum added this comment:

“The more I know about the personality of this, the more I fell in love.”

Another fan named Joran said:

“I think it’s good that he doesn’t have children, they would be under pressure… Because the dad was such a big artist.”

You can check out the picture below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Freddie_Mrcry – Instagram