A famous writer, Drew Fortune released his latest book named “No Encore!: Musicians Reveal Their Weirdest, Wildest, Most Embarrassing Gigs” last month and revealed a bizarre backstage story of Van Halen icon Sammy Hagar and KISS members.

As you will read below, Sammy Hagar curses to KISS members, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at backstage.

Here is what Sammy said:

“Gene and Paul were standing backstage, as they had heard all the commotion and wanted to know what the fuck was going on. Bill Graham, God bless him, was in New York on his way to the airport. He heard on the radio that I had been added to the KISS show, so he had told the driver to turn around and take him to the show.

So he’s backstage and had just walked in during my meltdown. He’s shaking his head, and his hand is covering his face. Gene and Paul were doing the exact same thing.”

He continued:

“I unloaded on them, too, saying, ‘F**k you guys too!’ And that was it. I didn’t do any more shows with KISS. I stomped away to my dressing room. Paul was saying, ‘You can’t talk to people like that, man! You gotta go out and prove yourself. You can’t do it like that.’ I’m still going, ‘F**k you and your makeup and your fans!’ Bill Graham was in my face, but I was furious.

That night almost made me want to quit the business. It was humiliating and disheartening, and my poor band didn’t know what to do. One of the guys, my rhythm guitarist who was the newest to the band, quit after that show.”

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