Rage Against The Machine guitarist and political activist, Tom Morello, has shared a little-known photo of him and Perry Farrell today and celebrated his long-time friend’s 62nd birthday by penning an emotional letter for the Satellite Party star.

As you may already know, Perry Farrell is very-well known as the frontman of the iconic alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction. After leaving the band for the first time in 1992, he has founded a new band with his ex-bandmate Stephen Perkins and after 1999, he released many songs as a solo and many other bands like Lollapalooza, Satellite Party, and Psi Com.

While celebrating Perry’s birthday, he also stated that Perry is always a special friend, special person, and special artist for him and Tool star Adam Jones was one of the 15K plus followers of Tom Morello who liked the post.

Here is what Morello wrote:

“Happy birthday Perry, love ya buddy! From first seeing Jane’s Addiction sitting on a grimy rehearsal room carpet off Melrose to prowling the alleys and the stages of Hollywood together for YEARS, from standing waist-deep in a dumpster in the 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (Perry was resplendently dressed) to rocking Sing Sing Prison (Perry was also resplendently dressed), from Perry giving RATM our first big look at Lolla to crazy crushing throwdowns at the Hotel Cafe, Perry is a very special friend, a very special person, and a very special artist.”

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