Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, spoke in an archived interview recently published online by ‘Q104.3 New York,‘ and talked about his awesome guitar collections.

He introduced his newly bought guitar called Fender ‘Soul Power’ Stratocaster and explained how much he paid for this splendid monster.

According to this news, he had paid $1,299,99 for this guitar. Also, he explained his favorite guitar and why he preferred Fender. You can watch the video of this interview below.

The interview started with this question:

“You’re known for using a handful of guitars over your career. What does it take for one to make it to the stage? Do you have a collection of guitars that you don’t play live?”

Tom Morello replied:

“What does it take to my island of misfit toy guitars? I don’t have any guitars that are expensive guitars, I don’t have any guitars that are fancy guitars – I have guitars that have spoken to me in different ways through the years.

And how does one of them actually make it to the stage? Well, I knew with the Soul Power guitar right away, I committed to this before we had even written a song with Audioslave. I’m like, ‘Wherever this guitar takes me on that journey, that’s where the journey is gonna go for me as a guitarist.’

Other times I just might like the color of a guitar; one of my favorite guitars was 40 Canadian dollars in a pawn show. That won Rage’s first Grammy.

So there’s really sort of no formula for it, but something has to really speak to me, and this guitar spoke to me very deeply. And the second I got home, the second I bought this guitar, I got home, I scrawled Soul Power on it because I knew it was a new era for my music and a new band with Audioslave.”

The interviewer asked:

“Was it all tempting to tweak the Soul Power Strat or add any features when you were working with Fender?”

Tom Morello answered:

“I was not tempted in any way to tweak the Soul Power Strat when, you know, making a mass-produced version of it, I wanted it to be just like my guitar.

That’s the thing, you know, growing up, sometimes I didn’t love the fact that some of my favorite guitar players, every year they would be selling a different brand of guitar, whereas my favorite records that they made were made on a guitar that was none of those.

This is exactly a model of the Soul Power guitar that made the Audioslave records, that led me to create my contributions to those records, riffs, chords, and sounds.”

The interviewer added this:

“What’s your favorite sound that you get out of this guitar?”

Tom Morello explained his favorite:

“I would say that while it certainly has the ability to create all of the nutty, animal noises and R2D2 sounds that are my stock and trade, it was the pleasant surprise of the rhythm pickup on this guitar that made my harder riffs sound like different in a way that was very exciting to me.

They were just as heavy, they were maybe a little springer, maybe a little funkier, maybe the grooves were a little bit deeper to the innate properties of the Soul Power guitar.”

You can watch the video of this interview and click here to the source.