Rage Against The Machine‘s guitarist, Tom Morello, recently shared a photo taken during George Floyd protests on his official Instagram account and had a message to share about the incident.

There have been many protests taking place in America after a black man named George Floyd was murdered by police officers. George Floyd’s last words ‘I can’t breathe’ became the slogan in the protests.

While the Americans are looking for justice and conducting protests in Minneapolis, Donald Trump threatened to shoot the looters. His tweet was hidden by Twitter for glorifying violence.

Tom Morello shared a picture of himself and other protesters, wearing protective masks, holding a sign with “I can’t breathe” written on it. The caption of the photo was mocking Trump’s response:

“‘Liberate Minnesota’-Donald Trump #OnIt!”

Against the violent approach Donald Trump has been taking towards the protestors, Morello implied that they were liberating Minnesota.

Tom Morello’s Instagram post received almost 40K likes and his fans left supportive comments.

A fan named midatlantic90125 said:

“Damn…for a minute there I thought Trump had actually responded correctly to a situation. Dream on.”

Cirus commented:

“It’s heartbreaking and infuriating that in this day and age, we still have to deal with racism.”

Josh wrote a lyric from a Rage Against The Machine song ‘Calm Like A Bomb’ in reference to the protests:

“A riot is the rhyme of the unheard”

You can see the photo Tom Morello shared below.

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“Liberate Minnesota”-Donald Trump #OnIt!

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