Ratt’s vocalist Stephen Pearcy recently spoke about his struggles with cancer in a new conversation. The rocker stated that it woke him up to be more careful with his health and talked about how he noticed that he got the disease.

Rock and roll and heavy metal are both genres established in the mid-1900s, and the prominent figures who helped the genres develop are either no longer young, retired, or have passed away. Unfortunately, the stereotypical lifestyle pursued by the musicians in the genre caused many accidents, deaths, and illnesses.

It is always sad to see when a star falls weak to illnesses caused by their earlier drug and alcohol ventures. However, some also decline throughout the years and get diseases like cancer or liver failure that cause painful ends.

These concepts are not very scary for the Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy as in 2019, he had a knee problem and underwent surgery that already scared him. Unfortunately, in 2021 he was diagnosed with cancer and only found out about it because he was getting regular checkups. This diagnosis was a wake-up call, and he stated that while people were dying around him, he wanted to live more and love life.

Here are his words about battling cancer:

“Right now, I am just monitoring everything regularly. And it’s all good. And I support people who give me a chat back on health and this and that. You never know. I went in for a test, and that’s how I found out. Blood check, which is what you should do. And they went, ‘Lo and behold.’

So it kind of wakes you up now. And then everybody is passing, is dying around me, family and friends and musicians, of cancer, and it’s so disturbing; it is disturbing. Live life, love. Every day the foot above ground is a good day.”

You can listen to the interview below.

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