As you know, Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton honored with a “Cliff Burton Day” on February 10 in Castro Valley, California. The honour came after a petition pushed to recognise Burton’s birthday in his hometown. Metallica stated:

“It’s official! The Board of Supervisors from Alameda County has just proclaimed February 10th, 2018, which would have been Cliff’s 56th birthday, ‘Cliff Burton Day.’ Thanks to all of the fans who got behind this initiative. We love that he remains so revered.”

Cliff Burton’s father, Ray Burton revealed his thoughts about  “Cliff Burton Day” on February 10 in Castro Valley, California. He said:

“I do not have a moment of doubt that, if Cliff were alive, he would have had a huge smile on his face about receiving this proclamation.

February 10 has always been a very special day for me, and I am honored to now share this day with everyone in Castro Valley.”

Cliff Burton’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 24 in a tour bus crash on September 27, 1986 in Sweden.

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