After six years of silence, Red Hot Chili Peppers announced their twelfth album ‘Unlimited Love,’ which will come out on April 1, 2022. They recently released a new single entitled ‘Not the One’ from the upcoming record.

RHCP has released eleven studio albums since they first began making music in 1983. Their last one, ‘The Getaway,’ was released in 2016. The record debuted at number one in ten different countries and reached number two in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It also received generally favorable reviews both from music critics and fans.

They have been working on the next album, ‘Unlimited Love’ since 2019. While working on their new record, the old band member John Frusciante returned to RHCP. Frusciante left the band two times before due to difficult conditions of constant work and his drug addiction.

When he first returned to the band, the most successful album ‘Californication’ came out. However, Frusciante decided to leave the group for his solo career in 2009. A decade later, while RHCP was working with Josh Klinghoffer, it was announced that Frusciante returned to the band. Moreover, Kiedis identified this return as the most significant event.

In the previous days, RHCP released the first two singles, ‘Black Summer’ and ‘Poster Child’ on March 4, 2022. As the third one from the new album, they recently released ‘Not the One,’ and they announced it on their official Twitter account by sharing a short section of the song. The official audio shared on the band’s official YouTube channel has already received more than 120k views in a few hours.

You can see RHCP’s Twitter post, listen to ‘Not the One,’ and the other singles below.