Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis recently got on the same stage with Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro for an unexpected performance.

In 1991, Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded their first hit, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik.’ However, their guitarist Frusciante felt uncomfortable following the band’s newfound popularity and left them abruptly in 1992.

As Frusciante’s replacement, Dave Navarro joined Red Hot Chili Peppers. He then appeared on the band’s 1995 album ‘One Hot Minute’ and performed the cover songs ‘I Found Out’ and ‘Love Rollercoaster.’

In 1997, Navarro toured with Jane’s Addiction for their 1997 Relapse tour alongside Flea on the bass. He toured on and off with Red Hot Chili Peppers for approximately two years. As a result of this and Navarro’s heroin relapse, he was fired in 1998.

Dave Navarro and Anthony Kiedis recently reunited for a live cover of the Lou Reed song ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ during Navarro’s Above Ground charity concert on December 20. This performance marks the first time the pair has performed together since 1997.

After the performance, Navarro used his Instagram account to express his feelings about the performance. In his Instagram post, he thanked Kiedis for coming and supporting the Above Ground charity concert and expressed his happiness for sharing the same stage once again.

Dave Navarro’s Instagram post read:

“Been a very long time since I performed with my brother Anthony! What a magical night. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting Above Ground, my friend!”

Below, you can have a look at the picture Navarro included in his post and the pair’s performance of ‘Walk On The Wild Side.’

Photo Credit: Dave Navarro – Instagram