Red Hot Chili Peppers’ legendary bass guitarist Flea has responded to a question he got from a fan on Twitter and revealed if he is inspired by John Frusciante, who returned to the band in December 2019.

In last month, Flea was chilling inside the house at Lake Arrowhead, Californa, and playing piano to relax during self-quarantine days. Furthermore, the notes that he played sounds like he was playing some John Frusciante songs, and the fans noticed the similarity quickly.

Today, one of the fan accounts of Red Hot Chili Peppers shared these relaxing moments of Flea and asked him if he was inspired by John’s ‘The Days Have Turned’ song while playing these lovely notes on the piano.

Flea cleared the air by replying to this question and responded with a simple word, no, despite the fact that they are now bandmates again. Even though he rejected the claim, Flea admitted that ‘The Days Have Turned’ is a really good song and showed his love for that song.

Here is what Red Hot Chili Peppers Tv asked:

“Flea, did you get inspired by “The Days Have Turned” by John Frusciante, to play in this video?”

Flea responded:

“No. But I love that song.”

You can check out the post and listen to the jam that Flea played below.