Red Hot Chili Peppers’ iconic bass guitarist Flea revealed the secret behind his eyeglasses by replying to a fan via his official Twitter account and explained why he is wearing them for a long time.

As you might already know, Flea is wearing black semi-rimless eyeglasses in his causal life for a long time and one of the fans was wondered who designed his glasses. As Flea stated in, it wasn’t a special-made glasses.

Furthermore, Flea mentioned why he is wearing these type of glasses all the time by saying that they are looking alike with the eyeglasses of the American minister, Malcolm X. In this way, he showed his admiration for Malcolm X and proved that Flea has similar opinions with him.

A fan named Kalyssa tagged Flea:

“Flea! Who designed your eyeglasses? They look like the same style that Malcolm X wore.”

Flea replied:

“That’s why I wear em. I don’t know who made.”

You can read the tweets below.