Red Hot Chili Peppers’ iconic bass guitarist Flea took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about Los Angeles Lakers player Anthony Davis and revealed why he is better than Denver Nuggets player Nikola Jokic.

Right now, Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets are on the finals of the Western Confederence in the playoffs, and the Lakers are leading the series with 2-0. Also, one of the most spoken things about the series is Anthony David and Nikola Jokic matchup.

As a basketball lover, Flea wanted to share his thoughts about these players and stated that Anthony Davis is a better player than Nikola Jokic because he is more supreme due to lots of specialities he has.

In the tweet, Flea mentioned how a smart player Anthony Davis is and said that an objective view of the game, and court vision is beyond great. Also, Flea pointed out that Davis knows what is happening on the court and that’s why he thinks Davis is better player than Jokic.

Here is what Flea said:

“Anthony Davis is better at playing basketball than Nikola Jokic.”

A fan named Luis replied:

“Oh man, you are so wrong in manny ways. They have completely different games, on offense Davis is better, but Jokic has a broader vision of the game and better IQ.”

Flea wrote:

“On the contrary, Ant Davis’ IQ is top notch. His over-arching and objective view of the game, court vision, committed and deeply emotional intent, and clarity of thought as to what is happening on the court is supreme. A love supreme. Go lakers.”

You can read the tweets below.