The founding member and the iconic bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea has appeared as the new guest to the podcast of the former football player, Chris Long, and explained how he admires the legendary rock musician Neil Young.

Recently, the great bassist Flea has taken part in the brand new episode of Chris Long’s Green Light podcast show. Brought out an outstanding conversation with Long, Flea talked about one of his biggest inspirations, Neil Young, based on his recent tweet in which he said Young is alive.

When asked what is the meaning of his tweet, Flea said that we usually tend to appreciate the legacies of the great musicians like Neil Young when they died. Added that Young is still relevant and doesn’t give a fuck, Flea explained he wanted to pay respect to him, whom he calls a living legend.

He also said that Neil Young can still write the great songs as he ever could and he is just the best, to tell the truth. Admitted that he listens to Young’s music a lot lately, Flea said he has lots of Neil Young moments.

Flea posted a section from the podcast by saying:

“Was outstanding to speak with Chris Long, I appreciate the man.”

Here is what Flea said during the conversation with Chris Long:

“I think I might have been listening to… thinking back that it was ‘Tonight’s the Night.’ I just had a Neil moment, being really into it. He’s so transcending as a performer and songwriter. It was like the spirit of his music. And you know the line that he always walks is just the best.

But I think that at that moment I was thinking when someone would die and their legacy will become so apparent in their death.

But with Neil I was just like, he is here now. I was just celebrating him, you know. He is still relevant and he still doesn’t give a fuck. And he’s just making wild music that is completely rebellious and powerful and beautiful. He can still write great of a song as he ever could and he is just the best.”

You can see Flea’s tweet for the rest of the conversation below.